The work of Verena Raban (a.k.a. MAUGRE) is both a striving for and a retaliation against meaning. Drawing on symbolism gleaned from her formal education in classic literature and critical theory, as well as her roots in punk rock culture and aesthetic, her art shines a light on the dark yet ubiquitous aspects of our shared human condition-- futility, toil, death, and the strange possibility for transformation.

She both paints and illustrates the varying struggles and plight of humanity as a result of its fallen and transient nature, as well as the faces of the philosophers and artists who encourage us to examine our presuppositions. Her ultimate hope is to rouse the kind of introspection and conversation that leads to true existential authenticity and responsibility.

Her work has been shown in Sacramento, the Netherlands, and San Francisco, where she currently lives and works with her husband and two dogs.